“Within yourself is a stillness, a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” – Herman Hess


I spent 7 years doing several long term meditation retreats at solitary cabins, in the forest, at retreat centers and monasteries in India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, USA, Colombia and México, practicing Calm Abiding, Vipashyana, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, and cultivating Loving Kindness, Compassion and other qualities of the spiritual Path. I now retreat to my mind for several hours a day no matter where I live.

I usually find peaceful settings in nature, but I feel as confortable living there as in a big city. I belive we must integrate spiritual practice with our lives instead of having a life sepatated form our practice, and that’s what I teach. My daily routine includes meditations, dharma study, Qi Gong or yoga practice, contemplative artwork, leading free meditations for my students and teaching dharma, at night I practice dream yoga.

I live a minimalist life, without roots in one place, I make dharma practice the center of my life and work. I’m fortunate enough to receive a small passive income and donations from my supporters and counselling private sessions, to be able to live a modest life dedicated to study, practice and teaching.

Still, every year I’ve been going into retreat at a monastery or retreat center for some months to practice and teach.

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Meditation Teaching & Retreats


I teach international courses  and retreats on secular meditation and Buddha dharma in which I offer a variety of meditation techniques and foundations for a spiritual path. 

I lead two weekly online guided meditation classes one in Spanish and one in English, free of cost, where we meditate for about 30 min and  the rest of the session discussing the topic of the week.

I also offer coaching sessions in which I help my students reflect on their lives and relationships, design a daily meditation practice and a creative way of expressing their emotions. My passion for coaching was born from a decade of teaching Art and Meditation courses and be requested by people and my teachers to offer guidance to aspiring meditation practitioners as well as experienced practitioners wishing to embark into group and solitary retreats.

Every year I teach a group retreat where we take some weeks or months to explore the mind, emotions and creativity in a peaceful helthy environment. Visit my site ContemplArte for more resources.

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